Us and the Environment

Us and the environment


We have a vast range of old timbers, veneers, locks, handles, keys, etc, which have been collected over the years, for use in the conservation or restoration of pieces which come into our workshops.​ This means that we are capable of recycling a large amount of materials.

Bees Wax

Mark has been keeping bees for over seven years and is passionate about this ancient craft. All the surplus wax that our bees produce is harvested along with the honey and used in our own waxes.


We endeavour to be an environmentally friendly business and constantly try to find new ways of helping the planet.

We use solar panels to power our workshop and car. We use an electric Nissan Leaf for travel and often for deliveries, so when you see Mark driving, it is often using electricity that has come from the sun.

We are hoping that it won't be too long before an electric van will be released with a decent range of 300 miles, and the space and functionality of a medium sized van. Mark personally feels that this would be a major game changer for most businesses. In the meantime, we hire a van when required for larger pieces.

Travel & Electricity

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